Samac Editor died before it was born


Hi guys, I just wanted to make a little post about a project I did a while back, and about what I learned.

Samac Editor began many months ago… around November to be exact. It was to be built to allow me and whomever worked with me to build games. It was built on the babylonjs engine, and in the beginning I knew next to nothing about webgl. After countless redesigns and months of coding, I basically had an engine full of nothing. The editor had a lot of features under the hood: add buttons easily, mostly interface stuff. However the Samac Editor itself was nearly void of features… it certainly had some, including terrain molding, painting, and could hold a database of objects. However to create a real game I would have to add thousands of features, something I could not do. In the end, I decided to dump the project and even leave Babylonjs due to the overall weakness of it. WebGL did not suit my needs to create a game.

Here’s what I learned:

Design on paper first
Figure out how the entire thing will be built on the inside… how will it manage windows, panes, buttons, screens?

Stop dreaming so much
What I thought I could do in a year exceeded something a team of developers could do in two. Simplify, simplify, simplify. In the very least admit that you’ll end up either simplifying or dumping the project along the way

Set a short deadline
I had planned on working on the editor for a year, and then switching to my game for a year. These dates may be good for “real” developers, but for first or early projects, this was setting me up to fail. 

In short, a LOT of time was spent on this project: almost 5 or 6 months. However it wasn’t all a loss: I learned a lot of javascript and css, I learned a few lessons, and next summer I may be working at my dad’s work to implement my editor into their project. I had a lot of dreams, most of them were impossible. But hey, that’s life. I had fun working on it, and I still like to load it up sometimes and play around.

Thanks for reading!


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