Update: Atmosphere Matters

Hey guys!

I’ve been hard at work on HERO, and I’ve come to the realization that a world with a couple of blocks is hard to do right, but when done correctly it can be beautiful.


A couple of cubes and lights go a long way

What I’ve realized is this project is very world-based. The puzzles are implemented directly in the environment, and the world is what gives the feel. There is no dialog to tell you what to think, you decide what to think depending on the world around you. This also gives a potential of having different ideas and viewpoints, which could be used later on.



Working on making lights less flat

I’ll be starting a more in-depth analysis on my updates for my game – telling exactly what my game is and everything about it later on this week. I’m not used to telling the world about my projects, so this’ll take some getting used to. Bear with me, and spread the word! #RelightTheSun


Simple Box-Button Mechanic


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